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How is business? I can help you to increase your sales with the some exciting news that I would like to share with you today. Let me introduce you to LeadNetPro. It is a lead generation system that will teach you how to dominate your market with fresh new never contacted leads just for you and they will help to sky rocket your sales.

Lead Net Pro was created by CEO Dan Miller who is a marketing guru with many different companies. He saw the true need for a comprehensive lead generation software tool that would not only help you find laser targeted leads but a way to market to them. Lead Net Pro will make companies like Ibuzz Pro, Phone Broadcast Club, Scraper Pro, Lead Dawg either go out of business or have to reinvent themselves. Most of them are one trick ponies that nickel and dime you constantly trying to sell you leads, giving you bogus email systems, or overcharging you for voice broadcasting. I know that harvesting data to convert to leads is a very lucrative endeavor. I would rather speak to opportunity buyers than opportunity seekers.

Lead Net Pro has a 99% accurate scraping tool that can be used on Google, Yahoo, Backpage, Craigslist, Yellow Book and Merchant circle. No other harvesting tool will filter the information for you like Lead Net Pro does. If you are in a health and wellness company you should be marketing to other health professionals like chiropractors, with this tool you can easily scrape tens of thousands of leads and fast not like all the other tools out there that bog down giving you inaccurate info that takes forever to download.

Lead Net Pro also included a voice broadcaster that has all the bells and whistles but is very very easy to use. It is only 1.8 cents per minute. No one can touch that rate. It is billed in just six second increment from the top unlike Ibuzz Pro which is 30 second minimum and is 3 cents per minute. It truly is amazing how low the price is with Lead Pro Net. Lead Net Pro software also comes with the ability to send out thousands and thousands of emails to the information you harvest with the click of a button. Yes you need a separate hosting account that costs about a few bucks per month but it is very very simple to set up. Dan Miller does a great job at going step by step teaching you how to do this and set it up. I KNOW after doing this for years that reverse marketing works and as long as you send a targeted message to a targeted list you can strike gold no matter what opportunity you are promoting.

Again Lead Net Pro will probably cause a lot of these other companies to go out of business. I have all the tools you can imagine and can truly tell you that nothing comes close to the perfect package that Lead Net Pro has put together. I have spent thousands on other stuff. Lead Net Pro has your basic 1 up compensation plan for those that are interested. Do your due diligence and check out the site to see the comparisons that are offered between Lead Net Pro and the competition. You will be floored. You will be the owner of your exclusive leads that you generated with our system. You then can share them or just use them for yourself. The really GOOD NEWS is that you can have the lead system working for you within the next 24 hours. See everthing Lead Net Pro offers NOW at

Over the years voice broadcasting software has been a hot topic for online and offline marketers. In early 2008 Ibuzz Pro came out and took the industry by storm. You were now truly able to get your word out to thousands of prospects at once and many would either opt in to receive more information or hit one to connect with you live. It was a very cost effective to create leads on demand. As 2009 came so did new laws. Calling consumers was now not allowed. Only b2b calling remained for those that still had Ibuzz Pro. Ibuzz pro would always have for sale leads of other network marketers who were considered b2b leads. But those leads came at a high price. Ibuzz Pro charges its customers and users 3 cents per minute and it is billed in 6 second increments but there is a minimum charge of 30 seconds so each connected call costs 1.5 cents.

Many competitors have cropped up such as Phone Broadcast Club, and Push Button Dialer by the Lead Dawg. Many of these companies offered lower rates but they did not offer a comprehensive system to harvest leads to contact. If they did the accuracy rating of software like Scraper Pro, Phone Gold Miner, and the other harvesters was very poor. You stood a great chance of voicebroadcasting to consumers if you did not scrub your list properly. This left a very sour taste in a lot of peoples mouths.

Marketers were clamoring for a comprehensive system that would harvest unlimited accurate leads. Sales Pros wanted laser targeted leads because many of us know that sending a targeted message to a targeted list is the way to make a lot of money in this industry. Dan Miller saw this and he had a vision. Why not create the ultimate lead generation system in the marketplace. Companies like Ibuzz Pro and Phone Broadcast Club only helped fill part of this. Lead Net Pro was developed to be an all encompassing solution to those that wanted to create laser targeted leads on demand.

Lead Net Pro is the network marketers dream tool. It has an amazingly 99% accurate scraping tool that automatically formats and saves lists right in your back office. No need to be an excel master to do it. It also gives you the website the data was harvested from to protect you against any complaints. It harvests data off sites like Yellow Book, Merchant Circle, Google, Yahoo, Craigslist, and Backpage. It separate both email and numbers. It does this in minutes. I have just recently did a harvest where I found 2000 emails and 2500 phone numbers in less than two minutes.

Lead Net Pro and the Lead Net Pro software also comes with a state of the art voice broadcaster. It has all the bells and whistles you need. It is 1.8 cents per minute which is rock bottom in the industry. Calls are billed with 6 second increments and there is no minimum time charge like Ibuzz Pro has. The system is easy to use and gives you a massive ROI if used properly. Lead Net Pro also comes with an in house email broadcaster. Many newbies and network marketing veterans are afraid of emailing as they do not have the technical ability to set it up.

With Lead Net Pro EVERYTHING is taken care of for you. It is all set up in the simple set up process. You can easily harvest thousands of leads a day and then email them using the Lead Net Pro software. All of these tools are put together in the perfect package. No matter what you are marketing this is a must have sales tool for anyone who wants to increase their conversion and sales 200-500% or more. Lead Net Pro is $397 where 97 is paid to admin and 300 to your sponsor. It is a one up compensation plan. There is a 19.95 monthly charge that starts with month two. You will also need a hosting account to host the software on but that is just a couple bucks per month and very easy to set up . There are immaculate step by step instructions which show you how to set this up. It is dummy proof. Ibuzz Pro on the other hand cost $550 plus 27.98 per month. Plus it has higher rates. Plus it does not have a built in lead generator or scraper. You must spend hundreds of dollars to buy those leads. It does not have an in house emailer.

Success to you all,

Richard Simpson


Founding Member of CEOlogy

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Indera Coggins
Re/Max 100 - Dunkirk, MD


Lead Net Pro sound like it has a to offer, more than a lot of the other programs that are out there. I will research this a bit and get back with you.

Nov 29, 2010 08:58 AM