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New Home Construction in Vancouver and Clark County, WA - Part 1

Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Realty

If you are thinking of building your next home, this is a great time to take advantage of some deals and get the best bang for your buck...but where to start. It is best to start by finding a real estate team, such as The Goff Team, that can help you as you choose your builder and to help you negotiate the best deal possible.

Once you have found an agent, start by visiting model homes of local building to find the style of home and quality you are looking for. There are several out there, so make sure to do your homework and work with your agent to find the best fit for you.

Here are a few that we have worked with:

Bella Villa Home

New Tradition Homes

New Pacific Homes

Below are some questions that any quality builder will be able to answer, giving you confidence in the work that they will do.

1)   How long have you been in business?

  2)   In what areas have you built?

  3)   What sets you apart from other builders?

  4)   What type of warranty program do you offer?

  5)   What are your fees for building a home (fixed price, costs plus management fee)?

  6)   How do you charge for extras?

  7)   Who supervises your construction?

  8)   How long have your trade people been working with you?

  9)   How often will we be updated on the progress of the home?

10)   How often, during the week, are you at the job site? The superintendent?

11)   Who will I be dealing with during construction?

12)   Will that person have the authority to make final decisions?

13)   How many hours per week do you and your supervising staff participate in continuing education
        within the home building industry?

14)   Do you belong to a local trade association? If yes, which one(s)? In what activities are you involved?

15)   Can you provide a list of references, including homeowners, suppliers,subcontractors, and consultants
        such as architects and engineers?

16)   Have you ever been sued and won, sued and lost; or are there any suits currently pending? If yes
        please explain.

17)   Do you have any liens against any of the properties that you have built?

18)   Have you ever filed for bankruptcy protection?

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