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In New Jersey, a landlord cannot evict a tenant  without first obtaining a court ruling. In certain instances, despite evidence provided by the landlord, the tennent may recieve up to six months to find another suitable living arrangement. 

 Landlords are handcuffed in certain instances such as a property conversion where there are current tenants of senior status. These tenants however need to have things working in their favor such as a certain income and at least two years rentership prior to the proposed conversion.

This may seem unfair but it works both ways. Both parties have rights and must follow rules as per what can and cannot be enforced. If the landlord refuses to sustain the property as habitable by humans, then the tenant is within their right to post a claim of constructive eviction. In this case, the the renter can stop making payments and move out of the unit before filing the complaint.

Conversely, if its the renter who fails to meet his or her obligations then the landlord can sue for actual possesion, to reclaim complete possesion of the property. 


Here are some of the possible viable reasons for justified eviction of tenant by a land lord in New Jersey






Know that if you are either the owner or renter in these situations, it is wise to seek advisement from a credible attorney who perhaps specializes in this kind of real estate law.

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Thanks Jeremy, its good to know the rules before you play.


Nor Yeretsian

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