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A peek behind the curtain

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The Real estate industry is a mystery to those that are not either regularly buying and selling, or work as a professional in the industry.

Here we are going to give everyone a peek behind the curtain and a glimps of how it works.

Brokers represent the public and the company. Sales associates represent the broker and serve the public.

Sellers need to sell and either seek out a sales professional, or sales professionals seek them.

Buyers want to buy and seek a sales professional, or sales professionals seek them.

92% of all Real property buyers and sellers work with a Real estate professional.

Q: Why?
A: Because Real estate professionals already have a network and have the "In" on all available inventory "The MLS" and the license to carry a digital key.

The biggest value that Real estate professionals offer to the consumer is information. They are the ones with intimate knowledge of the local market and current trends. Smart and savvy consumers know that it is always best to use the experts when it comes to big ticket items.

What does this all mean? Well it means that agents can market and agents can hussle, but in the end the sale will usually come down to a "Broker" to "Broker" transaction.