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Many of you have probably seen the lead story in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette this past week concerning mortgage loan foreclosures nationwide.  While this has obviously become a significant problem in the sub-prime markets I would like to touch on a few points as it relates to the mortgage industry here in Arkansas .  According to the Arkansas Realtor Association Housing Market Report sales of new and existing homes have decreased by 7.50% YTD through the end of July.  While this is a decrease, I don't think it is as significant as what the public is being led to believe.  Statewide delinquencies in the prime lending market in Arkansas are at 2.81% compared to 2.73% nationally.  Delinquency rates among sub-prime borrowers in Arkansas are at 15.56% compared to 14.82% nationally.  While delinquency rates among sub-prime borrowers are significant it is important to realize that this sector of the market makes up just 7.3% of all mortgages nationwide.   

Posted with Permission of Mike Milner MBAA, Vice President

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Kerry Ellison
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Claude Cousins
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Sep 10, 2007 08:48 AM
Dick Betts
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