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Pet Lovers...Look After Your Pets During the Holiday Season

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1.  Cookies and candies are laways fun to give and recieve, but not a good treat for animals especially if they contaiin chocolate.  Prevent your pets from eating them and getting sick by keeping these treats out of theri reach.

2.  Poinsettias are a common sight during the holidays, but what many people do not know is that they can be fatal to your animal if they ingest the leaves.

3.  Tinsel is a great finishing touch to any Holiday tree but if an animal ingests the strands, ti can get caught in their intestines and be life threatening.

4.  This holiday season donate a bag of dog or cat food to your local shelter in honor of a friend or family member.

5.  Products used to de-ice walkways can cause serious irritation to your pet's paws.  Nest time you purchase a de-icer be sure to look for a pet friendly brand.

6.  This holiday season give the gift of a Pet Adoption Cerificate instead of an actual animal.  After the holidays, shelters throughout the U.S. see an increase in the number of animals returned that were given as a gift.

7.  Decorating for the holidasy is a time honored tradition.  When hanging lights or placing small decorations around the house, make sure they are high enough so you family pet can't reach them.  Everything looks like a fun toy for animals, but they can cause harm if animals get a hold of them.

8.  During the winter months wild birds have a harder time finding food to eat.  Putting out bird feeders will help keep the birds happg and full al winter long.

9.  If you have a water supply outside for your family pet or a bird bath for wild birds, be sure to check them daily and remove any ice that may have formed as this can prevent the animals from drinking.

10.  To do your part in helping to preserve3 animal habitats this holiday season, recycle your used wrapping paper and holiday cards,



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David Crayston  


Faina Reinhardt
HotRentalsNY.com - Manhattan, NY

Such good points. I am an animal lover myself and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and happy.

Dec 01, 2010 05:19 AM