Sunset Magazine Rates Sandpoint Idaho Best Ski Town

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While sitting in a local Sandpoint dentist's office, waiting for my appointment, I picked up the December edition of Sunset Magazine.  As our next wave of snow accumulated outside, I began reading the featured article,  "The West's Best Ski Towns."  I wasn't suprised to find Sandpoint on the list, but the particular award, "Most under the radar", suprised me for it's accuracy.  This is exactly the accolade I would want for our quaint town.

There are so many ski/resort towns in the U.S. you can visit.  Yet, why is it that no matter which you choose, it winds up a bit more crowded and commercialized than you had hoped?    After all, vacations are about getting away and relaxing.  Otherwise, why leave the city at all?

Getting back up to Schweitzer Mountain just reaffirms why I'm here!  After driving along the shores of Lake Pend Oreille and stopping in for a quick cup of coffee at Monarch Mountain, I say 'hi' to a few friends along the way and 20 minutes later, I'm on the slopes.  And there's plenty of room between me and the next skiier.  I'm on vacation, but I haven't gone anywhere!

Sandpoint.  The best little ski town on the lake - and no one seems to know about it.  The Sunset Magazine article just told me what I already know:  Sandpoint residents can get away from it all and we don't have to go anywhere to do it!

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