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House Selling Tips - Virginia House Buyers: Since the housing market has been at odds it’s been a tough time for those wishing to sell their homes. Whether you need to sell to get out from under your mortgage or because you moved to a new home, you might have to change gears and go in a direction you never imagined going. If you have a house you purchased intending to flip it you may have to wait until the market stabilizes.

Rent To Sell Your House FastYou can always rent out the house. Becoming a landlord might not be so bad when the alternative is to leave the house sitting unoccupied and unsold with little chance of a sale in the near future. You could collect some rent while you are waiting for real estate sales to pick up in your area.

Becoming a landlord doesn’t have to be a scary thought. You can take tips from those that do it regularly and avoid a lot of headaches. Learn from their mistakes. Be careful when selecting a tenant. Do your homework when doing a background check or credit check on the potential renters and get references that you actually call.

One thing to consider is that you will not have a shortage of tenants to pick from. As so many people are losing their homes to their ARM mortgages, they still need a place to live. Renting is their only option at this point until they can regroup and get back into a position to buy again. That could take years. You can help, while taking in a bit of money yourself.The house you want to sell will also do better occupied than if it sits vacant for a long period of time. Unoccupied homes tend to look shabby after a while, even if you make an effort to check on it and keep the lawn mowed.

All sorts of things can happen when a home sits empty. The plumbing can freeze up in colder environments. Without the heat on and the regular running of warm water through the pipes, you can have pipes burst, which is a huge mess. With no one there to realize it and shut off the water right away, flooring, subflooring, and more can be ruined. Critters love to move in when you have moved out. Mice, bugs, and even people, tend to find their way into unoccupied homes and cause untold mischief.

Renting out a home to reliable and responsible tenants will help you to avoid these problems. You can then wait until the market starts to rise once again and put it back on the market for sale if you wish. In the meantime, collect the rent and relieve yourself of the financial burden.


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