New Jersey Going Green With Off-shore Wind Power

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As reported by, New Jersey is poising itself to become a leader in alternative energy by broadening it's off-shore wind power initiatives. New Jersey would be the second state to invest in off-shore wind power (the first project is getting underway in Massachusettes). A collation of New Jersey environmental groups and a member of Gov. Christie's cabinet released the National Wildlife Federation's report "Offshore Wind in the Atlantic", detailing the potential for wind power along the east coast and calls on the Federal government for more friendly, less bureaucratic regulations regarding the development of wind power in New Jersey and other states.

According to Matt Elliot, an advocate for Environment New Jersey, New Jersey has enough commercially viable wind power off its coast to power for all 3 million homes in the state - and nearly 2 million more! The state Energy Master Plan calls for the development of 3,000 megawatts of offshore wind power by 2020 (which would be enough to power 800,00 homes), and take tons of carbon emissions from fossil-fuel burning power plants out of the air.

Elliot contiunes to say New Jersey is a top state for wind energy because it has a strong goal for energy production, and recently enacted a law to give tax credits for wind turbine manufacturers and require some of the electricity sold in the state to come from wind power. New Jersey is truly leading the way at Going Green!


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