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The atmosphere in many businesses is one of competition. Employees are vying for sales, promotions, performance as well as in many other areas. Although this may be beneficial to the company in gaining revenue, it can cause negativity and result in employees pitting against one another instead of working together to reach a common goal. Establishing camaraderie in the workplace, on the other hand, can lead to happier employees, a feeling of teamwork and may help the organization to exceed its productivity and fiscal goals.

Team-building exercises can be silly, they can be fun, but above all, they should teach a lesson that emphasizes how co-workers are more successful together than when everyone is looking out for number one.

Here are some effective team-building activities:

•·         Who am I? - write a variety of careers on index cards or nametags (like a professor, hairdresser, movie star). Then pin cards or stick nametags to each person's back; don't let them see their own card. Have everyone ask yes-or-no questions of other people to try to figure out their own occupation. This teaches about stereotypes and labeling.

•·         Survival Scenario - break into small groups and instruct each team that they are stranded on a remote island. They can only take 10 items. What items would you choose and why? This demonstrates what is most important and helps them work together to set priorities.

•·         Protect the Egg - again break into small groups and give each group an egg. Teams should design and build a way to protect the egg from breaking when dropped. This improves communication and problem-solving skills.

When doing team exercises, pay close attention to who you group together. Try to assign people who do not work well together or don't have the opportunity to interact often.


Jeff Schraeder

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