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A friend of my husbands is a real estate investor, and he is interested in having me work with him to sell his properties. He has been buying repossessed houses, renovating them, and would like someone to help market them. Anyone have any advice? This might be a great opportunity, but I want to get opinions from the experienced folks out there! Any particular problems that might arise from this sort of arrangement? He has been very successful for many years, but I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. 

Leslie Ebersole
Swanepoel T3 Group - Saint Charles, IL
I help brokers build businesses they love.

If they are repossessed they aren't short sales.

You need to become fanatically aware of the liabilities and boundaries for your state and board regarding disclosure. If this investor is experienced, he will assume that you know how to promote and manage a distressed property sale.

If you are familiar with the geographic area this investor works in you may be able to add value. Advising an investor on what to pay, what to do to improve the property, and how much it will sell for takes an enormous amount of work. It could even be illegal to do this outside your area of expertise (geographic) not to mention whether or not you have renovation and construction experience.

Good luck - I like this kind of work, but it's not for everyone.



Dec 02, 2010 02:49 PM
Sandra McCormick
Fort Worth, TX

Thank you!!! I obviously clicked on the wrong category when posting....you are so right about that point! I really appreciate your input, and it seems that I am right to be hesitant about getting involved without researching it thoroughly.....Sandra Mc

Dec 02, 2010 03:03 PM