If You Like It, I Love It

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"If You Like It, I Love It!" was something I heard at a seminar last summer.  I believe it was Ralph Roberts who said this.  I can be very opinionated when I show homes and I am sure I have stuck my foot in my mouth a time or two.  Well after hearing this at the seminar I have been working very hard to keep my opinions to myself.

I was out showing homes last night to some new buyers.  I have shown them homes 1 other time and was just getting a feel for what they like. 

Last night we look at a few homes and our last one was a 2500sq.ft 2 story on a finished walkout basement for $269,900.  When we walked in the house was decorated in a very contemporary Asian style.  (I think most of it came from Ikea)  The carpet was a cheap grade baby blue, there was cheap pergo in the kitchen and the paint was very interesting.  The den's ceiling was painted blue!  Every room had a different color along with some very unique decor items. 

Well as I walked in I said wow this is very contemporary, kinda cool home.  Then I bit my tongue and said to myself, If You Like It, I Love It.  We walked around the home and they spent a lot of time looking at everything.  I personally was distracted by all the furniture and stuff in this home.  After spending some 25 min in the home he is like, "It would be hard to imagine this home without all this cool furniture in here"  And they went on and on about how they like the home and how they could see living there.  I am thinking to myself, "Are you serious?  This home needs new flooring throughout, paint throughout and so on and so on..$5,000 here,   $10,000 here...  IF YOU LIKE IT, I LOVE IT". 

Well, I am pretty sure we will be going back to that house before the week is up.  I would not be surprised if they end up buying it.  So next time you show the ugly duckling, remember to say, If You Like It, I Love It!

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Jeffrey Bogert
Keller Williams NJ Metro Group - Montclair, NJ

Good advice Joe! I had a relocation couple that I was showing homes over the course of the weekend. We had driven past one home several time that was not on the list since it needed LOTS of updating and repairs. The couple explained that they were looking for a somewhat move in condition place. Every time we passed I almost voiced my opinion about the home. I didn't and Sunday afternoon while I was out with other buyers I got a call from the relocation couple that they found their house. I asked which on and they said is was an open house that they stopped into after we parted ways earlier. Guess which house they ended up buying? You got it the one I left off of the list...

Just another reminder to keep quiet and pay attention....


Sep 10, 2007 08:39 AM