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Setting a Vacation Home Rental in South Florida

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Many visitors to South Florida prefer to stay in a furnished private residence while traveling for business or pleasure. This is great news for homeowners that have furnished properties who seek income while their home is not selling in a slow sales market.  In most instances an owner can earn the same income with one week's rental as they would on a month's rate.  If you own a vacation residence you will still have the option to use it for periods that the home is not rented, making it a fantastic option.

Renting a vacation home requires an owner to set up the house with all necessities including kitchen items, bath items, linens, electronics, etc.  And of most importance, the home must be well-maintained and in 100% working condition and professionally cleaned.   The homes that are minimally decorated rent more often and at higher premiums.  Décor in neutral colors and styles is a plus so the property appeals to a large variety of visitors with different tastes.  "Depersonalizing" the home is a must.  This includes removing personal photographs and accessories.  This also includes removing personal items in bathroom cabinets, bedroom drawers, etc. 

Bedding should include a king in the master and at least 1 additional queen and twin beds which can be versatile in separating or using as 1 king.  Mattresses should be decent quality and in good condition.  Sheets must include 2 sets for weekly turnovers.  Each bed should include:  two pillows per twin and four pillows for queens and king sizes, mattress cover.  An alarm clock is necessary for each room.  The closet should be empty and have available hangers.  Towels should include full set of hand, wash cloth and bath towel and 2 sets per occupant.  So a three bedroom home that sleeps 6 guests should have 12 total sets of towels.  The kitchen should include all necessities except for items you would purchase at the grocery store. 

A vacation home must be well-maintained to include all appliances, air conditioning system, plumbing, electrical, hot water heater, etc. are all in proper working condition.  The home must be freshly painted, flooring buffed/polished, carpets clean and in new condition.  It is imperative that not only stocking the entire home with all necessities, at a good quality will ensure a positive experience for the renter and many repeat rentals.

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