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An area where a little knowledge can go a long way for the homeowner is in the plumbing system in your home.  House plumbing is divided into two separate parts. One is the fresh-water system that provides cold and hot water from the various fixtures throughout the house; the other is the drainage system that carries waste out of the house.

The fresh-water system can be completely shut down by closing the main valve, which is usually located in the basement near where the underground water line enters the house. Most lines that branch out from the main line also have individual shut-off valves so water can be turned off to one area without disturbing the flow in another. Most plumbing jobs require at least the partial shut-off of your home's water supply.  It is extremely important to close the valve to the outdoor tap in the fall before it freezes.  Leave the outdoor tap open after shutting off the water so there is no water in the tap.  If there is, it can freeze and break the pipe.

The drainage system connects all the plumbing fixtures to a main sewer line that carries waste out of the house to a sewer or septic tank. The main sewer line extends above the roof of the house to allow gases to escape. The opening of this pipe, above the roof, is called a vent and must never be covered or allowed to become clogged with debris.

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Some people don't know where the main valve is in their house. If anything ever goes wrong, it could be a real mess!


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