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As a golf lover, living in Miami has been great.  I have the opportunity to play one great golf course after another year round.  But playing golf here also keeps me in contact with some of the most incredible homes Miami has to offer.  So, here I am with my two passions - playing golf and selling real estate! 


Now, just because I love golf, doesn't mean I'm a great golfer.  Why would I confess?  Well, because my wandering eye usually moves from the ball only to be distracted by the homes around me on the fairways.  So if I take you out to find a home, and we end up on the golf course hitting a few rounds, most likely you're going to wind up the winner.  Who can resist ogling the homes on the Biltmore, Doral and Key Biscayne courses?  And which golf lover wouldn't look around and love to have a fairway at their footsteps, just beyond their backyard?


Make your dream of living on the golf course a reality.  I invite you to play a round and talk about what you are looking for.  I am an expert in the properties of Miami's greatest courses and I will help you find your home on a golf course.


Massimiliano Mlekus



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