Yahoo or Google? Google or Yahoo? Where do most of your hits come from?

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The world of SEO is so horribly confusing to me.  I hear this rumor and that rumor about how to make my website better.  Blog here, blog there.  Link this, link that.  Reciprocal link.... Make sure you repeat your selling area on your home page...
                                            Wow My Head Is Spinning

I must say, I am very happy with my P2A site.  I had spend thousands of dollars having a website built for me and it was a HUGE bust.  I hated to give it up because I spent so much money, but I finally gave in and signed up with P2A.  There are lots of great tools even I can figure out.  I keep watching my P2A ranking go up and up and now I am at #3 in my state.  I don't really know what that means but hope it is good!

So I have been Googling "Fort Wayne Homes For Sale" and then I go to Yahoo and search the same.  Well I like Yahoo.  I am #2 for "Fort Wayne Homes For Sale"  Don't know what I did, but it was something right!!! But no Google, that is a whole other story.  So why is it searching the EXACT SAME PHRASE with Google, I find myself on page 1,294,023 (just kidding) but I am no where near the first few pages. 

Is there a way to have good ranking on Yahoo and Google?  Should I be praying to the SEO Gods or emptying my pockets to the SEO geeks?

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Danny Nappi
Zest Realty - Riverview, FL

What I do Joe is learn how to optimize for google since they are the biggest and you will find yourself getting good results with yahoo as well, you will drive yourself crazy if you try and do both. O yes praying sometimes does help. :)



Sep 10, 2007 08:51 AM
Darrel Quebedeaux
Evergreen Realty & Associates Inc. - Newport Coast, CA

I too love P2A and have for a couple of years.  As far as SEO I am paying someone and they got me to page on on yahoo very quickly (which has not equated to hits in the entire time I have held the position) but we are still working on Google.  I am currently page two with two of my search terms and page one with a term that I have been doing the SEO for so I am asking myself should I continue to pay these guys?

There is tons of great info on SEO here so I continue to expand my knowledge base and maybe someday soon I will take over all of it.

Sep 10, 2007 08:41 PM