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Finding Your Roots

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This time of the year, many people buy and plant trees in their gardens. This way, the roots can get establish and will be ready for the spring. 

As a home stager, I see lots of homes' drive or walk ways that have been so damaged because of the roots. This can be a problem when you're trying to sell your home.

When I bought my own home, I fell in love with the maple tree that was planted by the front porch. Ten years later, I've started to see the problem signs and I need to make some hard decisions.

So, I hope you will read this blog and listen to the advice before you buy and plant that tree. It's always best to prevent the problems by a well informed planning.


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Roots can be a problem.  As trees grow their roots grow too.  An arborist once told me that a tree's mass below can be twice as large as what you see above ground.  As roots grow they can do damage.

This tree was planted to frame off a drive way.

It was planted probably 40 years ago, when this house was first built.  It may be older and was saved.

This driveway has been recovered twice since it was built.  The street and curb have been replaced at least once.

The driveway and curb are damaged again.

Not doing justice, this photo does not show how high this bump in the driveway is, but it is about 10".  And the crack extends all the way across the driveway in two places.












On new construction I often see trees planted way too close to the house.

A tree that is placed too close to the house will soon become a problem.

They are small and cute when planted.  But trees have a way of growing and they grow quickly!

Often I will see a cherry blossom within 2' of the corner of the house! C'mon!

Now, I live in Washington DC and know just how big a cherry blossom tree can become!

Look at the damage a nearby tree can do to a house!  And in not much time!

Growing up we had a tree root come up through the floor drain into the laundry room!  That was a shock and it was not easy to remove!  And THAT tree wasn't close to the house.  But they can do special damage to plumbing drains.

More common is the damage done to structures - above and below ground.  Walls can be pushed in.  Windows damaged.  Roofs moved out of place.   Foundations can be bulged inward and slabs actually lifted up! 

Trees with aggressive root systems - maples, cherries, weeping willow, poplars, cottonwoods, aspens and elms - the so called "heavy feeders," will do damage.  Keep them 30' or more away from the house.  But remember, they will also do damage to sidewalks, curbs, streets and driveways too.  So pay attention when planting!

My recommendation:  When you buy a tree at the garden center ask about its recommended placement relative to the above.  Ask how aggressive the root systems will become.  And if you buy a house with plantings too close to anything, plan on having them moved elsewhere in the yard or removed completely.



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Hello Shirin, This is a great post about trees being way to close to houses and driveways.. such an important topic!!! I also wanted to thank you for your subscription and tell you that you are my 200th subscriber!! I am so excited! :)  That is awesome and I really value my readers and subscribers more than you know.

Thanks again!!! This is a great one to re-post if you can.

Mar 14, 2011 02:15 PM
Sharon Alters
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Shirin, we have a Queen Palm planted so close to our house and the leaves are constantly scraping our roof. Funny thing is that a Master Gardener lived here before we did and planted the tree. You would think she would have known better!


May 17, 2011 04:42 PM