Read This Before Considering Buying A New iPad or Upgrade To The Latest Software

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  The iPad is an amazing device that is marketed for many different types of consumers. It is a great device to listen to music, surf the Internet, read and respond to emails, play games, install thousands of handy programs. One of the best feature and reason I got the iPad about four months ago was as an ebook reader and I love it because I can take all my digital books and notes with me everywhere.

Read this before getting an iPad

  Sure, the iPad is not perfect. It does not have a built-in camera. You will need to purchase and install a 3rd party  software to print. Other competitors such as HP and Blackberry taunt that their new tablet devices can multi-task while the iPad could only do single tasks. Rumors of a new version of the iPad coming out next Spring that would resolve all these issues keep many mac faithful at bay but kept many consumers that thought about purchasing an iPad to delay until the next version comes out.

  A few weeks ago, Apple came out with its latest upgrade for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad that gave these devices many new features. For the iPad, the ability to print easily, the ability to find the iPad if lost, and multi-tasking. It seem like a dream come true yet I was skeptical and waited until last Thursday to update my iPad. This is something that I regretted for the last few days. Previously there is a switch to lock the iPad portrait or landscape display to make it easy to read books. That feature got replaced with a sound mute and the only way currently to change it back is to "jailbreak" the iPad with a software. This got many iPad owners including myself upset.

  I listed the Good, Bad, and the Ugly of owning an iPad. In my opinion it is still a great device aside from the mute quirk.

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Paula Hathaway, REALTOR, LBA
Douglas Elliman Real Estate - Southampton, NY
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Song: (I really like our name!)....This is such a good post for me to read right now--I have palns to buy an ipad and with this new information, it will help me in my decision...If you have a minute, please read my post "What We Need Right Now Is A New "Gizmo" (Featured). I would love to hear what  you think of the possibility of a button on a listing that allows an interested party to get an immediate response to their request for more information by giving the willing agent a direct connection from the consumer....I think if that could be done through the technology of the ipad or another "Gizmo" that could at once allow conversation, show the lisitng in question and show comps as well. It would be interesting to see if you think is a possiblity???  

Dec 05, 2010 07:32 AM
Renée Montgomery
Century 21 New Millennium - Warrenton, VA
Northern Virginia Real Estate

Good post and reminder that I need to look into this soon. My laptop needs to be replaced so I have to decide between a laptop and notebook

Dec 05, 2010 10:47 AM
Bob Elliott
Elliott Home Inspection - Chicago, IL
Chicago Property Inspection

Song my EVO and the i phone also do everything that pad does.

Why carry that when it has no flash and is basically a viewer?

You can for the same price get a good laptop,net book or tablet and simply tether or create a wifi hot spot.  

At 250MB ram it is very underpowered for uploading photos and installing any type software.

I would recommend going that route rather than such a limited system.

Still they do look cool.

Dec 09, 2010 05:45 PM