Free (nearly) 800 Hotline to Market Our Clients' Properties

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This is a new one, and the price is right, at least for now: Free.

Currently the model is: It's free. The future the company hopes for is: Lenders will sponsor it, in return for getting the callers' numbers along with the agent's getting the numbers. (If you go to the FAQ, you'll see a question about pricing. Ignore it; it's inaccurate.)

It is young, and has a couple bugs to iron out, but it's promising, and as I said, the price is right.

If you sign up, tell 'em I sent you. (Not that I get any spiff out of it, mind you.)

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What toll free marketing techniques do you use?  I'm a member of By Referral Only...

Jan 17, 2008 02:51 PM