FOMC gives away $3.3 Trillion...really???

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I just recently watched today's video from and it talks all about how the Federal Reserve or FOMC has "given" away $3.3 TRILLION dollars over the past three years and Bernanke wasn't really even sure who all he gave it to when Congress confronted him.  WOW is all I can really say.  How is it that in the past THREE years over some of the hardest economic times since the great depression is this possible without any regulation.  It wasn't until the FED Reserve was sued that they actually came forward with who all the $3.3 TRILLION went to. Federal Reserve

I am shocked at how this is able to slip by and not be headlining news.  Check out the following link to watch the video and the details they go into here:

Want to get a good idea of what a TRILLION Dollars looks like, check out this link: 

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Great post - thanks for bringing the topic to everyone's attention. It's amazing that when I'm $1.00 off on my tax deposits, it's identified immediately. I guess I should start being off by a billion or so dollars and no one will notice!



Dec 06, 2010 12:49 AM
Fred Griffin Florida Real Estate
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The Current Administration, in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Bank, is robbing the American people of their wealth.  This is being done on an epic scale.  It is intentional, and it will result in the Bankruptcy of our once great nation.

Thanks for the Links, the info, and the Video.

Dec 06, 2010 01:15 AM