Living in the South Vs. Living in the North

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Living in the South Vs. Living in the North...


Now I have never lived north of the Mason Dixon Line, but I do have many friends and past clients, from when I was a builder, who migrated south from the upper Mid West and I have heard all about some of the major differences in living there from here in Knoxville TN.  I am going to try to give an un-biased comparison of the two, ok well not too un-biased but I promise that it won't be too one sided. 



1.) Raising Street signs so that when the snow is cleared off the roads you can still see them when driving.  Now I understand why, up North, you have to do that.  When the snow plow has come through for the 4th time today and it has done the same thing for 42 consecutive days the snow will pile up and make driving dangerous without the signs being visible.  Here in the South you don't have to worry about it.  One reason, even if the snow got that high,  is that no one will be driving.   We stay home during snows.  Everything is canceled from the first mention of snow by the weather forecasters.   Schools, meetings and work become too dangerous to drive too.  Up north  people don't let a little snow get in the way.  They also don't let a lot of snow get in the way.  


2.)  Heating and Air Conditioning vents can be in the ceiling not only in the floor.  Now we all know that having the HVAC vents in the floor are better for heating.  But here in the South we have either an equal amount of heating and cooling days or substantially more cooling days than heating days.  Having the vents in the ceiling work just fine down South.  When I was a builder that was one of the first things people, moving from up North, would notice.  I would have to explain that here in East Tennessee we have an equal number of cooling and heating days and it is fine with the vents in the ceiling.  


Snow Covered House

3.) Raking the snow off of the Roof during the winter.  This was one of the hardest concepts to understand for me.  Now I can understand the reason, too much snow and the roof would collapse, it's just that I didn't think there could be that much snow in one winter.   And the hardest thing for me to understand was that those living in these conditions think it is natural.  


4.) Contents found in your Garage.  Now down in the south things you will find in your garage are:  lawn mowers, golf clubs, old shoes and boots, and assorted tools.  Now in the North you might find any or all of these but there will be a few additional items in the garage: Cross Country Skis, snow shoes, snow mobiles, and snow blowers.  You might find a pair of cross country skis in the south but they won't be in case your house gets snowed in for 3 weeks and you need to get to the grocery store.


5.)  Last but not least is Ice Fishing.  Ice fishing is Northern tradition and has it's own set of rules.  Ice fishing shacks can have everything from a wood burning stove to microwaves and Liquor cabinets.  The thought of driving a car or truck to your fishing hut a half mile from the shore, on the water side, is beyond the thinking of us from the south.   I do have to give it to my brethren from the north when you do something you do it in style.  

Ice Fishing

Now I am sure that you noticed but most of these differences are from the winter.  Since today we are barely getting above freezing here in Knoxville it made me think of  these winter activities I had to share these tidbits of information.


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David Burrows
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Enjoyed your post! - David

Dec 06, 2010 06:53 AM

As someone who has lived in the north all her life, I have literally never met a single person who has ever gone ice fishing....your description of things you might find in a northern garage are slightly off, and apply probably more to someone living in Alaska. No one owns a snowmobile. In the winter, the roads are plowed and we drive. Snowmobiles are not necessary and take up WAY too much space to be in a garage. 

Apr 28, 2012 07:31 AM