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As the anniversary of September 11th 2001 is upon us, I find myself with a mix of emotions.  The first emotion is one of horror, thinking about the atrocities that were done against our great nation.  Another emotion is one of pride, remembering how people from all walks of life banded together to support our nation.

The morning of the attack my mother called to tell me to turn on the TV, "Something big is happening!"  I flipped on the TV and found that every channel I turned to showed same frightening picture of smoke pouring out of the World Trade Center Towers.  For hours I was glued to these awful images, watching in disbelief as they play over and over again the images of the planes crashing into the towers.  When we thought it couldn't possibly be any worse, the towers fell as did our hearts. 

Knowing that life would go on, I made my way to work at the restaurant my family owned in Syracuse, Pat's Chicago Dogs.  When I arrived, there was no escaping the reality of the morning's events.  My mother had bought a TV to bring to work so that we could listen to the reporters describe the terrorist attacks and try to reason why anyone might do this to us.  I knew I did not want to sit around and listen to this any longer.  I went out to the restaurant marquee and brought out the letter to put up "God Bless Our Nation."

Living in a small town, it did not take long for the rest of the business's to follow suite and placing words of support on their signs and hanging flags.  If you have ever wondered why people love living in a small town, this is one of the best reasons I can give you.  Everyone in Syracuse took the time to display their support for the people who had lost their lives and for the United States of America.  Although we were thousands of miles away, we wanted to do whatever small thing we could.

As I ventured out of my small town in the following days, I noticed something special.  Every highway I drove down, every street I took, every corner I rounded it was there.  People everywhere were flying their flags high with pride for our great nation.  Every car had a bumper sticker of an American flag or message of support for New York City, Washington DC and Philadelphia.  People everywhere were showing their PRIDE and support for THEIR nation. 

This was the first national disaster I had experienced in my life at that point, and I was taken back and struck with awe.  I was amazed at how strangers banded together to show the world that we are a Nation of One - that when some terrorist tries to break us and take away our freedom, that we will show our strength. 

The terrorist thought that if they made a blow to our Nation, it would be a blow to our hearts and our way of life.  That we would cower down in fear of them.  Boy were they wrong.  The terrorist attack of September 11th, 2001 was the worst thing I can ever remember happening to our great Nation, but it was also a great reminder of who we can be!  We are Americans! We are the Greatest Nation in the World!  We Are Free!  And there is no terrorist who can take that from us.

With all that said, I just want to make sure I do something to show my support of our Nation to recognize this somber anniversary.   I ask that if you have an American flag, you fly it with PRIDE in front of your home or business.  Take this opportunity to show your support of our Nation and our troops who are on foreign lands fighting for YOUR FREEDOM.  Let us show the World again how we the people, can come together as one in support of our Nation on the anniversary of September 11th 2001.

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Duane Hosek
Coldwell Banker - Lewis-Kirkeby-Hall - Rapid City, SD

Very touching............thanks for the great post.

Duane Hosek in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Sep 10, 2007 05:56 PM