Selecting a REALTOR in Louisville KY...Part Two

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Selecting a REALTOR in Louisville KY...The Listing Appointment

So you're exploring the possibility of placing your home on the market and have dreams of moving on to that next special place to call home. Lucky for sellers today, you have access to website after website offering tips and advice to help homeowners prepare their homes for the upcoming listing period. The one preparation that will advance you toward your goals is the careful and methodical selection of your REALTOR in Louisville KY.

In Part One, I touched on the process of choosing which REALTORS® to contact for a listing consultation. In a brief forty-five minute listing consultation, you can quickly become overwhelmed with information pertaining to the home selling process. So now that you have the appointments set, I have dedicated Part Two to retrieving the information most instrumental to a solid, confident decision.

What Questions Should You Ask?

question shouldn't have to ask any questions at all. As your REALTOR®, I'm the expert on listing homes and seeing them to the closing table. Through my experience, I take note of commonly asked questions and tailor my presentation to address those questions up front. I understand that the burden is on ME to showcase my many features and clearly explain the benefits of each. Never should the questions "Where will you advertise my home?" or "Where do your buyers come from?" need to be asked. If I can't clearly communicate my own features and benefits, how could you expect me to communicate the benefits your home offers its future owners? You are hiring an agent to market and promote your home, therefore you should observe how the agent markets and promotes his or her own services.

What Answers Are You Looking For?

Now just because I recommend limiting the questions you actually ask, that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a list of questions and concerns you wish to see addressed. Of course you'll have questions, and you're likely to have situation-specific questions that won't be addressed during a typical listing presentation. Whatever questions you do have, I suggest you have them listed and check them off as they are addressed.

Don't be surprised if questions come up some point after the listing interview. When interviewing multiple agents, additional questions are all but certain. Don't feel as though the interview ended when the agent left your home. Until you've decided on which REALTOR® is going to represent your home for the upcoming sale, the interview is still open.

If you have not already done so, take the time to browse the many homeowner specific topics highlighted at The Louisville Drop. New articles are added frequently, so check back often for the latest discussions. Don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail or visit to search all Louisville area homes.

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Kevin Nash
Shorewest Realtors, Metro Milwaukee - Germantown, WI

You know through the years I have read hundreds of these type of posts/articles from many different brokers and agents. I guess you could say I was doing research. The benefit is that I was prepared to field the questions thrown at me from potential clients. I enjoy being prepared and reading posts like this help me to do just that.

Dec 08, 2010 01:12 AM