How Do You Motivate Independent Contractors?

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  I have been to about every single industry before from Automotive to retail to Web, where there independent contractors and they were highly paid hourly. These could be computer network or programmer consultants being paid $100 to $250+ per hour so they are very motivated to work hard to keep the contract and rack in as many hours as possible.

  When I got into real estate I found out that all agents are independent contractors. It is great that we have "the freedom to do what we want" and that might be something that goes against us. No matter how many hours we put in for the transaction, we don't get paid until the transaction closes.

  Many real estate offices try many different techniques to motivate their independent contractors (agents) with different results. They tried sending them to training. They tried to bribe them with money or other incentives.  They might threaten to fire them or even offer them a share of the profit or company.

  Right now I am starting to build a team and maybe one day to be a co-owner of a real estate office so I am curious on how to motivate indepent contractors and what was the end results.

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I hope you get a number of comments because I also would like to know what motivates agents.

I think quality leads is important.  To me it is what value does the broker or brokers company bring to me that I do not already have.  That might just be a positive attitude...a person that can make positive suggestions, ie: Do this, it will work well in your neighborhood. or  DO NOT waste your time with this advertising company as they are rip offs and here is why.

Those would have helped me years ago and saved me a lot of time and money.  Whatever you promise make sure you deliver.

Dec 08, 2010 02:59 AM