Going Green for the Holidays!

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This time of year everyone is out busily buying gifts, preparing food, decorating, and shopping for the perfect tree. 

 It is also important to cut back on costs this year for many of us.  We can easily do this and go green at the same time, by limiting the amount of time you have your christmas tree lights and lights outside on.

If you decide to use a real tree instead of a fake one, it would be a way to help the environment if you planted it outside when the holidays are over.

Baking is a favorite activity around the holidays, and many of us keep our ovens heated, appliances running to bake pastries and other meals. It's always great to have energy star appliances, and use reusable dishes avoiding plastic wrap and tin foil.

Remember it is not so much about buying gifts for other people, but showing them you care by spending time with the ones you love.

Happy Holidays.

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