What did YOU Love about your home when you were inspired to make an offer to purchase it?

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Let's face it, whether it is a hot-tub, a pool, a jetted soaker-tub in the master en-suite, or fire-place, it took our breath away when we bought the home, but, now, the novelty has worn off.

When we originally viewed the property during our home-search, these features often make the home stand out above the competition. This is because the idea of them is nice, and the visualization that they create for buyers is fantastic.

But, because humans lead such busy lives these days, finding the time to enjoy these features dwindles over the years. So, these features get lost or forgotten like a buried treasure.

My favourite piece of advice I give to sellers is to sit down and remember back to when they originally viewed their home, prior to putting an offer in. I get them to jot down all of the features that originally stood out in their minds, and which items inspired them to make an offer for purchase. If memory is an issue, I suggest that they walk around the home, inside and out, as this should spark the memories.

Once the seller has that list completed, I urge them to revisit these features and analyze what state they are currently in. Are they in good working condition? Are they clean? Are they visible to a buyer's eye? Or, have they turned into a storage spot, or accessory holder?

This fireplace has become a part of the wall, rather than showing as an architectural feature

What attracted you to this property in the first place? Odds show that these same things are going to be what sets your property apart from others on the market. Buyers will still find value in the same things you did back when you bought it. So, have you highlighted these features? Or, are they hidden, disguised, or covered up?

Nicely accessorized and featured fireplace

Tastefully accessorizing these features without too much personalization serves to draw the buyer's eye directly to the most attractive portions of a space. This is called "Creating a Focal Point". I will leave it at that, as Focal Points deserves a whole post of their own.

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