AMC Bridgewater and Menlo Park bring new meaning to Dinner and A Movie

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In what will be one of the most interesting concepts brought to the Bridgewater Commons in years, AMC theaters is launching a new concept – having dinner with your movie. As you enjoy a feature film, waiters (quietly) bring you your order to enjoy while watching.

The concept was originally pioneered by Alamo Drafthouse, before being adopted by AMC. Currently AMC has introduced this format to Atlanta, GA; Kansas City, MO; and West Orange, NJ. New locations are planned to open in the near future in Dallas, TX; as well as two more operations in Central New Jersey – one in the Commons, as well as another in Menlo Park, which are being converted from Conventional theaters to the new Dine-In format.

The AMC concept features two levels of dining – Fork and Screen, which is essentially regular, reserved seats, going for about $10 more than a conventional ticket, and Cinema Suites, which feature more spacious seating, for about $15 more than a regular ticket. However, a credit of $10 is given for food. Menus are available online and prices are fairly reasonable – much better then the $7 popcorn you typically get. Items include sandwiches, flatbread pizzas, buffalo wings, burgers and more, as well as a full bar. The bar exists in the lobby of the theater, making it a great spot for an after-movie drink or to meet up with friends before heading inside. If you’re looking to see a movie this holiday and grab a bite to eat, the new Bridgewater AMC is worth checking out!

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