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Protect Yourself When Buying A Home!

Before you select a Realtor to work with, you should educate yourself on the subject of Agency Relationships.

For years, both the seller's agent (the listing agent)and an outside agent bringing an offer from a purchaser (the selling agent or sub-agent) were legally considered to represent just the seller and owed their loyalty, best efforts and other fiduciary duties only to the seller.

This archaic concept left buyers totally confused and legally exposed because they were being treated as a third party customer without any representation.

Confusion would set in when a purchaser believed that a relationship or allegiance had developed with their Realtor, only to find out that during negotiations their supposed agent was ethically and legally bound to work on behalf of the seller, trying to get the seller the best price and terms possible on the sale of the house!

The purchase of a new home, regardless of where it is located, is a significant investment for anyone. The agent you choose for the position of buyer/broker should consult with you to find out what is most important to your family. Location, education, safety, conveniences and other factors should be considered so that your new home matches your lifestyle. Because this purchase will affect your future, it's important to have someone in whom you can confide. You want to make sure that you are truly represented; not just because it is a law, but because the agent you choose has been educated in representation and works on your behalf, not their own.

We will counsel you in determining:

· The home buying process

· How much home you can afford

· What price is fair to pay for the home

· What items we need to have the seller fix, or

· What issues we need to address with the seller

· How to gain pre-approval by a lender

And much, much more!


We offer buyer brokerage service to all or our clients. By counseling with them, we are able to meet their home buying needs and help them make the right choices for their families. There is no cost to the buyer. The seller or builder pays the entire brokerage fee.

Working exclusively with an experienced and skilled agent ensures that you will be adequately represented when dealing with a seller or builder.

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