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            McCall Montgomery Blog-Thursday November 4, 2010

     There are some interesting misconceptions in the Real Estate world.  In the same way we usually pick an agent, is usually the way that we hear these common misconceptions.  Most commonly through word of mouth.  When you need an agent, and you don't know what agency to use, you usually ask a friend or relative.  At least that is what I did before I got into this business. 
 Fortunately for us, that was a good move, but for others sometimes the he said isn't always the correct information.  For example, showing and selling a client a for sale by owner.

Did You Know You Can Use A Realtor To Buy A FSBO Property?

Showing A FSBO

If you’re working with an agent, and you find a for sale by owner you like, ask them if they can show it to you. The agent should then call the owner of the home and ask if it would be okay if they brought a buyer to look at the home.

This situation is very common. Many for sale by owner sellers are more than willing to pay a commission or a fee to a buyer’s agent for bringing them a buyer. If the for sale by owner does not want to cooperate into showing the property to you with a buyers agent, you might have to go it alone, but be concerned at the reason why.

Although most for sale by owners try to sale on their own to save money on commissions, but according to an article from Real Estate World,  some sellers don’t use agents because they want to hide something. As agents we are good at discovering those little pieces of information, that otherwise you may never know. Their home may have defects or they may not be able to budge on price, and might try talking you into over paying.

If the seller won’t budge and won’t pay a commission, you may be able to pay for minimal services to your agent. Things such as paperwork, scheduling dates, and working with title companies could be paid for by you for a small fee. It is wise to have representation for any real estate transaction. If they are not willing to pay your agent the commission, that is a decision for you to make. We are here for the client, so we support every decision you make.

Many people fail to realize what can happen if something goes wrong in a real estate transaction. A buyer’s agent is basically a personal shopper. We are legally required to work in your best interests. At McCall Montgomery we have strived on making a reputation for courteous service, loyalty to the client, and friendships to last a lifetime.

So if you are looking for a home, give McCall Montgomery a chance.  We will guide you in every decision, and make sure your best interest comes first. Call us today at 225-665-1235, and we will put all those common misconceptions at ease.



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