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  • The New "Poinciana Digital Village" is Now Open

    To our loyal readers: Don't ever say you didn't get the scoop on something big from us. This one barely needs an introduction. It's everything a rural-styled community like Poinciana may ever need again for the most current communications possible. How do we know that? We're taking the Fifth but...

  • Does Disney's Cast Despair?

    In describing what he thinks is happening to residents of Poinciana who happen to work for Walt Disney World (WDW), blogger Jeff Kober published a response to two union videos with his description of some WDW employees who happen to live in Poinciana. From Disney "to the south of me is Poinciana,...

  • Holiday Special for Homeowners

    Easy & In Your Control Same system used by 99% of Realtorsr throughout central Florida Minimal contract and paperwork requirements Option to cancel at any time without penalty Choose your payment option. PayPal Revolution Money Google Then contact us by email or call us at (407) 738-8042. Payment...

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  • Horse & Country Lovers - Make this One Yours

    Posted: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 09:17:00 -0500

    Horse lover's dream! Almost 2.5 acres with a 3-stall barn and a completely upgraded and modern home. Concrete block barn has electric and water. Property subdivable. Ven a verme. Puedes convertirme a lo te guste. Tenemos las condiciones para un campo del golf privado, una finacion para caballos y...

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  • Bringing the MLS Directly to You
  • A service for sellers, buyers, fence-sitters, and anyone who is interested in what's going on around the greater Poinciana area, Crane's MLS direct! This feature is also located on our navigation bar at the top of this screen. To get there, click on the image at right.
  • Homes Sales as Extreme Sport

    Buying and selling single family homes in the U.S. market is starting to sound a lot more like a sports event than it does the purchase and sales of shelters for families. Now that Henrieta Homeowner is finally familiar with the phrase "short sales," the financial industry has a new one that...
  • Don't Drain Yourself

    Ever wonder where chemicals end up after they've been dumped down the drain? Try answering, "Me." Former CEO of General Nutrition Centers (GNC), Greg Horn says, Collectively, we dump 32 million pounds of toxic chemistry down our drains each day, just from household cleaning chemicals. That doesn't...
  • Entertaining an Enterprise Poinciana Concept

    While it appears that everyone in Poinciana agrees that we need jobs down here, "how" remains a question. In perusing a website for Enterprise Florida, I noticed that Poinciana is divided by the state into its two-county parts. That will not help us get jobs down here. A couple of other places...

  • Puerto Ricans in Orlando and Central Florida

    Published in 2006, this free eBook is available in our sidebar under Free Publications, or select our hyperlink to "Puerto Ricans in Orlando and Central Florida" by Jorge Duany and Félix V. Matos-Rodríguez. It's a nice and provides a great amount of insight into the Hispanic movement into Florida....

  • Gated Complex Planned for Behind Publix

    Posted: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 09:15:00 -0500

    Rumors had been circulating about the activity between the Publix and the library/post office area. Here's the real deal, direct from the horse's virtual mouth, a.k.a, s Tony Iorio of Avatar. What is planned behind the Publix is a luxury, gated apartment complex with a clubhouse, pool, and "lush"...
  • Poinciana's Own Real Florida

    Posted: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 09:14:00 -0500

    Now through May is the absolute best time to visit Poinciana's largest nature preserve, or should we say, "Secret?" Without even leaving the area, you can take-in the wild at The Nature Conservancy's Disney Wilderness Preserve. Click the upcoming link to open the official brochure of The Nature...

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