Violent Change Coming for Real Estate Agents

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For those of you that missed this great opportunity to get Chuck Marunde's free book "The New World of Marketing for Real Estate Agents", here it is again.

Original content by Chuck Marunde

The real estate business is obviously in the midst of dramatic changes, and that is certainly an understatement. I just published a new book entitled The New World of Marketing for Real Estate Agents (Early Adopters: The New Millionaires). The book will be available on Amazon for $14.95, but what I’d like to do for all my ActiveRainers  right now is give you this free eBook version that can be immediately downloaded and read on your computer or iPad. Some traditional brokers undoubtedly will think I am a radical, but I think my arguments for a new business model are supported by the evidence. Here is an excerpt from the book.

How is real estate marketing changing? The traditional bricks-and-mortar real estate brokerage is hemorrhaging, and all that keeps this archaic business model alive is consolidations. As offices close, some agents quit, but the survivors move their licenses to another sinking ship, a ship that looks just like the last one and often with the exact same name on the bow. The changes in real estate marketing are dramatic. According to the NAR, we’ve lost 300,000 agents nationwide since 2006, and one NAR spokesman suggested we need to drop from 1.1 million agents to 750,000. This past week two more offices closed in my small market, and the press is not writing about these closures. But this is happening all over the country–it’s just not front page news . . . for anyone who still reads the front page.

These changes in real estate marketing are killing traditional business models. Bricks-and-mortar real estate brokerages that stubbornly refuse to bridge the gap to an entirely new business model will die a slow and painful death. It’s one thing for brokers to ride their own ship down, but it is quite another thing altogether for those brokers to sell tickets to real estate agents with promises they can’t keep.

The most unfortunate thing about all of this is that the agents who think they are doing what it takes to survive are only re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Many of them truly do not know or comprehend how precarious their fate is. They know generally that real estate marketing has changed, but they are getting little genuine help from their brokers. Just like so many of the passengers on the Titanic near the end who smiled and kept saying, “Don’t worry, everything always works out alright,” traditional agents continue to greet people with a smile and wait for the phone to ring. But the ship is tilting, and they are at risk. They just don’t know what to do.

I outline what I think the future real estate brokerage will look like, and how it will operate. It will be substantially different than the traditional brokerage of today.

I love reading books on my iPad, and this eBook is a nice read on an iPad. It downloads in a pdf format, so you can read it on any device.

Here’s the link for this free download. Enjoy. The New World of Marketing for Real Estate Agents.

Comments are welcome and encouraged here, but please read the book before you critique it, because some of your arguments are debated in the book.


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Dale Kreiser
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Also notice the QR codes at the top of each chapter.  Scan them to listen or download the audio file.

Dec 13, 2010 07:19 AM
Mahesh Mike Patel
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Violent change.. please explain....?

Dec 13, 2010 07:26 AM