Middleton Idaho Rural Development loan Mecca

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Middleton Idaho is a small town near Boise/Nampa.  It's in Canyon County and part of the town qualifies for Rural Development Financing.  For you city people this is a loan program (really a set of programs) run through the Department of Agriculture.  Why this department?  Because we are a farming area and are always on the poor side. 

The loan program I'm talking about here is the RD participation loan - it's your regular type mortgage loan but with some RD money in it and it is a 100% loan.  No down -

Middleton - like many towns - was overbuilt during the boom.  Consequently there are a lot of repos and short sales, fabulus buys, half their original prices.  These are driving the market - the new construction in town has had to really reduce to compete - AND THEY HAVE. 

I'm in Middleton at least twice a week - it's 25 miles from my office.  My buyers are thrilled with their choices.   I have noticed lately that even though the weather is yucky - rainy/snowy foggy etc.,and it's the normal dead time of the year, there's a lot of activity in Middleton.

It's not just price.  Middleton is just what it says.  Really well located - you can zip to Nampa, Caldwell Boise or Ontario in just a few minutes while enjoying life in a small town.  There are new schools and they are even building a new supermarket. 



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