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"The thing about success, is it doesn't always come when called...but it always comes given sufficient persistence, at something where success is, in fact, possible..."

This is a quote from one of the greatest marketing minds I know...Dan Kennedy. Today, I read a fax blast that he sent where he was talking about cart horse racing which is one of his favorite activities. He went on to talk about how his racing year had not been stellar but that he kept with it, working hard all year, and now in the past month, he has had back to back to back grand success!

Of course he brilliantly parelled this to your business. This has not been a stellar year for many, yet for a few, it has been second to none. What is the difference? Persistance.

Those of you in the Home Staging and Real Estate industries fell into 2 categories this year...those that willing to let the economy guide them...and those that were not.

I saw people like Mannie Tantawy, Barabara Heathcote and Mary Fitzgerald start at Home Stager, go to Stager Pro, Property Scene Designer and Certified Trainer--all within in this calendar year...and I saw their businesses...and lives explode! They were persistent in their training...and action...and it paid off 10 fold for them.

There are many successful stories here at APSD, too many to mention, but I promise, I know each and every one and cheer right along side of you each time!

So, my challenge to all of you as we close 2010 and face to be persistent. The economy will still be bad, but that only gives us a greater opportunity to run successful Home Staging and Real Estate Businesses!

As Dan says...Opportunity is a matter of choice, not calendar! Stop worrying about the economy and get out them and list and stage!

To your greatest success,

Karen Schaefer

Founder and Creative Director; APSD The Association of Property Scene Designers

The World leader in Home Staging Training and Certification

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