What are Your 2 Secrets to Home Staging Success?

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What are your 2 secrets to Home Staging Success?

Ages ago I was reading an article about my all time favorite actress, Meryl Streep and the interviewer asked her what she perceived to be her secret to success. How was she able to make every character she portrayed so compelling, so believable and so different than any character prior. As in her usual, “Meryl style” she said that she discovers the secret of each character and carries that secret with her throughout the entire movie. She never tells anyone her secret, not her fellow actors, the director…no one, because in life, everyone has a secret that makes them intriguing and interesting. And, while I have my own share of secrets (like how I like to eat BBQ kettle chips as I sit at my desk writing at 5am!), there are some secrets worth sharing.

The 2 that I am going to share with you today are secrets that I reserve for my special APSD™ friends and members, because I don’t feel the need to share with everyone…only those I really want to see succeed. Obviously, my space will be limited here today as I share my 2 biggest FREE marketing secrets with you, but you can find them in greater detail at www.APSDmembers.com/marketingspecial Secret #1; The Google Effect: A few years ago, when Google was trying to make an impact with businesses vs. just consumers, they began a process of setting up really cool and interactive stations in the lobbies of businesses that they wanted to engage and impress. They had people there to walk them through strategies, talk to them about benefits, and overall let them know how great Google is for their company in terms of convenience and results. On top of it all, they made it fun and interactive so that everyone in the building sought them out vs. Google having to knock on every office door and try to entice the workers into the lobby like the pied piper of search engines. What does this have to do with an awesome Free Marketing Strategy to grow your Home Staging Business? Well, as a Certified APSD™ Home Staging Professional, you are probably better at marketing than any of your Home Stager competition. So, why not get greater exposure, at no cost…and directly in front of an attentive audience? You can apply the “Google Effect” to real estate offices at least once a month. Just contact the office and tell them what you have in mind. It is really an inexpensive way to meet the agents, and show them on a table top exactly what you can do. I would recommend that you decide to do 4 quick scene changes, stay about an hour, and do one every 15 minutes. Invite the agents to come back every 15 minutes to take a look at the new scene. They can even try their hand at a bit of scene creation which makes it interactive and more engaging. Of course, you will want to have a reason to bring them back each time, so you might want to offer a new appetizer every 15 minutes or dessert, even a drawing or give-away. This is what makes it entertaining to them because you are adding in the game element. Agents love this and so do Brokers. It is a wonderful way for them to get a few ideas and to meet a very professional pro-active certified home stager that knows how to run a home staging business. Secret #2: Open House VIP invites Most of you know that I am a master of an Open House event. I just love being able to bring an event together while doing something good for a local charity or organization. And, let’s face facts, the exposure and PR don’t hurt my business one bit, nor does the multi-thousand dollar pay day. This is one of my favorite things to teach our APSD™ Certified Property Scene Designers. Their eyes open so wide once they begin to see the possibilities! So, why not do the same thing for real estate agents, sellers and investors before you actually host the event to the public? Invite them in, and give them a show! Just be careful not to reveal too much. When you do a VIP Open House, you will want to invite your guests in the night before the event, have yummy appetizers, champagne and a contest. You can actually do a drawing for the most showings and let them choose from one of three prizes. Don’t forget to showcase your home staging and curb appeal services while you take them on a tour of the property. Be sure to point out one or two great Pockets of Emotion™ that get them to fall in love with the property, so they bring all their clients, but also with you, so they call you and only you for all of their home staging and curb appeal needs. These 2 secrets are the very best ways to get yourself to stand out in your market place and to get your clients to come to you vs. you chasing them down in the hopes of a home staging booking! My 2 secret strategies are outlined in the APSD™ “How to Market Your Home Staging Business…so you can get more Home Staging Bookings and Clients than you can Handle in the Next 30 Days!!!” 4 week training program. www.APSDmembers.com/marketingspecial This month’s APSD™ Customer Appreciation Special is amazing and exactly what you are looking for when you are ready to get your business running on auto-pilot- the “How to Market Your Home Staging Business so you can get more Home Staging Clients and Jobs than you can Handle…in the next 30 Days”4 week Training Program. www.APSDmembers.com/marketingspecial - Hurry though, this special expires tomorrow!!! To Your Home Staging Success, Karen Schaefer Founder, APSD™ The Association of Property Scene Designers The World Leader in Home Staging Training and Certification

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Iran Watson
Georgia Elite Realty - Marietta, GA
Marietta Real Estate Agent - Photographer

I think the first battle to be won is getting the homeowner to see the value in staging, if they do not already.  I would love to hear others secrets on how they approach that one...

If they do already see the value in staging then I would have to say affliating yourself with a talented, professional stager and then presenting their work with great photography would be my two secrets to home staging success.

Dec 14, 2010 09:44 AM
Iran Watson

HI Iran,


I agree but we don't really have a problem with getting them to see the value in it.  We mostly discuss the clients goals and tell them the results we are able to achieve and we guarantee it.  Yesterday we had a house go under contract in 9 days after our staging here in CO and it had been previously listed for 90. 


So next time you are trying to get them to see the value, Let them know the results...that is what we teach at APSD and it works everytime. 


If you want a little boost with your home staging, we have a free CD at www.APSDmembers.com

Let me know if I can help you in any other way and thanks for your comments!


All my best,

Karen Schaefer


Founder and Creative Director of APSD: The Association of Property Scene Designers

The World Leader in Home Staging Training and Certification

Dec 14, 2010 10:05 AM