Being a Leader in Your Home Staging Market

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Whether I am consulting with my small business clients, certified APSD Home Stagers or with my Real Estate Agent clients from the 7 different countries we service, the one thing that seems to be the most common desire is to be the leader in one's market.

So, how do you do that? Well, first of all it is about mindset. You have to think you are the leader, then you have to know it. You have to use "Leader Language" so you client and associates know it too. This means that you discuss results, success, strategies and visions. Only leaders dare to bring about such topics in every day conversation.

Next is the proof. Are you talking about your specific results? If so, where and how often? People want to associate and be represented by leaders. So, you have to really start tooting your own horn. Tell people that your recent listing or staging was under contract in 5 days...tell the world! Tweet about it, brag about it, post it on your site. Whatever your success, big or small, you should be talking about it.

Become a celebrity. I know you are thinking "well, how the heck do I do that?" The same way that I did. First, you work your tale off so you can get some great results. Next you position yourself as the expert, leader, true success and finally, you brag about it to everyone that will listen, read or see it! Now, you take the next step toward publicity.

Once you have the attention of several clients, you should take that success to the media. As soon as you can get an article published or a home showcased, now you begin to brag about being in your local paper or on a website or in an interview....keep repeating this process and your Real Estate and Home Staging Business....or both, will flourish!

It is easier than you think but it does require strategic planning and consistency in your marketing!

To your great success,

Karen Schaefer, Founder; APSD The Association of Property Scene Desigers (grab one of our free Home Staging CD's today!)

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