Reasons to consider a 100% commission brokerage

Real Estate Broker/Owner with WebPro Realty



  1. They are unhappy with the split large chain realty franchises offer 
  2. They understand that market improvement in FL in 2011 is not likely to increase their income
  3.  They are unhappy with their earnings in 2010 and want to take ACTION to improve their situation
  4.  They realize that over 90% of home shoppers search the web BEFORE they do anything else - including selecting a Realty Sales Professional to assist them
  5.  They understand that excelling at web-based marketing will be the key to succeeding at Realty Sales in the future (click on the blog title above to see the next 5)
  6. They realize that letting their license go inactive precludes them from legally being paid referral fees
  7.  They realize that improvements in technology have negated the past advantages large chain realty franchises claim they MIGHT have had
  8. They realize that the consumer has little or no need for a "bricks and mortar" realty office
  9.  They realize that business today is conducted at a location of convenience to the CONSUMER (e.g., their home, their office, a local coffee shop, etc., etc.)
  10. They realize that they can seek quality education from a variety of sources independently - that they do not need to (or want to) rely solely on their Broker to "show them the ropes"



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