Lochleven Neighborhood Has the Best of Bellevue's Parks and Location

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Lochleven is one of West Bellevue’s distinctly popular neighborhoods due to its proximity to downtown and three of Bellevue’s best parks, starting with the wildly popular Bellevue Downtown Park, Meydenbauer Park, and Clyde Beach Park, all within reasonable walking distance for Lochleven’s homeowners.

Meydenbauer Bay from Clyde Beach Park

Being next to downtown Bellevue and Lake Washington has boosted the value of homes in Lochleven.  People are willing to pay a premium to have the convenience of being near all the best of downtown Bellevue and the waterfront.

Lochleven non waterfront home values in 2010 as represented by closed sales ranged from $700,000 to $3.2 million, on lots that ranged from 7,500 square feet to 17,750 square feet. 

Homes here are aligned on a non-typical street grid (long blocks) interupted only by the steep ravine which enters into Meydenbauer Park.

People from other major cities are surprised to find that some of West Bellevue’s priciest neighborhoods don’t have sidewalks, and Lochleven is one of them. Cars travel is respectful and the speed limit is 25 miles per hour.  It's pretty laid back, the overall feel enjoyed by residents here is unpretentious, casual, with a definite flavor of yesteryear.

Many of the homes in Lochleven have views south and west over Meydenbauer Bay, one of the most protected and scenic bays on all of lake Washington. A few rare homes in Lochleven have both the lake and yacht harbor view, with the City view to the east.

Lochleven’s character can be further defined by the presence of so many tall evergreen trees. This is strikingly different than say Vuecrest, where all the trees were initially taken off the site and there are restrictive view covenants that will keep it that way.  Another difference between the two neighborhoods is Vuecrest has all underground utilities, and Lochleven does not.  The many trees diminish this impact however.  As a result, Lochleven homeowners are less likely to be as involved with landscape perfection; the lots are more private and less formal with the large trees defining difference and lot separation.

Lochleven is a long and narrow neighborhood extending from Downtown Bellevue westward to the neighboring community of Medina. It is sandwiched between Vuecrest just across NE 8th Street to the north, and Meydenbauer Bay along the length of Lake Washington Boulevard to the south. 9235 NE 1st Street

The age of the homes in Lochleven are a mix of the period homes so typically designed and built in the 50’s, 60’s, and the 70’s. However, in recent years some new luxury homes were added by notable builders such as Steven D. Smith, Lochwood Lozier, Regency West and Worthington Custom Homes.

Of the 9 single family homes that sold in Lochleven during 2010, the average time on market was 227 days, and the average price per square foot was $357. The exceptional home listing was sold in the first two weeks on market, a rambler of 2,700 square feet built in 1976.

It was in original condition when offered, had good bones and a partial lake view. The sold price was $905,000 and the Windermere listing agent was Rich Willard, your Bellevue neighborhood expert and longtime Bellevue resident.

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