New Real Estate Brokerage Launches Florida Operations

Real Estate Broker/Owner with WebPro Realty

New Real Estate Brokerage Launches Florida Operations

WebPro Realty, Florida's most progressive independent real estate brokerage, launches Florida operations with a unique combination of marketing technology, listing syndication and a pro-Associate "100% commission to agent" compensation program.

Lakeland, FL (PRWEB) December 16th, 2010 - WebPro Realty, found at and, opened its Florida support center this month.

WebPro Realty blends the use of technology, with the direction and support of owners with decades of experience in Florida, with a "100% commission to agent" compensation program. The result? Most associates moving their licenses to WebPro increase their earnings 16% - 23% (as compared to the compensation programs offered by large national franchises).

"After decades of running a traditional real estate brokerage and noticing the recent changes, it became obvious to us how technology was impacting the relationship between the Sales Associate and their Broker", said Sean Harper, one of the three founders of the new firm. "Whether Brokers like it or not, the internet and the increased access to information that Associates and Consumers alike now have truly changed the face of real estate brokerage. Instead of fighting it, WebPro Realty embraces those changes. WebPro Realty's offering gives the Associate the tools they need to succeed, combined with a commissions program that leaves a lot more money in their pocket after each and every transaction."

WebPro Realty's operational decisions are based on certain guiding principles, such as:

The broker/owners need to be "available" and easily accessible to in order to deliver strong value to their Associates.

Today's consumer shops for property on the internet to create their "short list" to review in person. If an Associate really wants to succeed, they must understand how best to expose their listings to the maximum amount of potential buyers on the web.

The more time goes by, the more ineffective print advertising in the newspaper and home guides will become.

Social media marketing is here to stay.

Today's technology allows for business to be conducted from literally anywhere there is good internet access, and electricity. Gone is the era of dragging clients into a plush brokerage office in order to attempt to impress them. Today's client wants business to be done at location of THEIR convenience, usually their home or a restaurant or coffee shop or while standing in front of a property.

At today's average pace and average sales price, traditional broker/associate commission splits are too costly to the Associate, when weighed against the actual value the traditional broker format delivers.

Associates affiliated with a Realtor association looking to find out more about how WebPro Realty can positively impact their career should visit .

Associates not affiliated with a Realtor association looking for the most cost-effective way to keep their licenses active should visit .

More information about WebPro Realty's core beliefs can be found at .

About WebPro Realty

WebPro Realty is an independent Florida-based real estate brokerage that combines the use of leading edge technology with a 100% commission to agent compensation format. WebPro Realty provides all of the tools of the large national franchises at a much lower cost to the Associate. Those interested in further information may contact call Paul Stern at 877-277-8808, or via email at WebPro Realty's "company bio" designed to answer the questions of potential associates is found at WebPro Realty may also be found on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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