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Lifelong Frienships - A Kodak Moment

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This picture was taken many years ago, our "kids" are now 23 and 21, but it captured the bond that my wife and I had prayed our kids would have.  Years ago, when we were young, energetic, and childless, we used to work with the youth at a former church.  There was a particular brother and sister that were obviously very close.  They got along well together, challenged each other, supported each other, and held each other accountable.  We were so impressed with those siblings that we hoped and prayed that our kids would have as close a bond as they did.

Michael and Elizabeth

Well, its 23 years later and I'm happy to report "mission accomplished"!  Our kids spent their childhood as each other's best friends, and now, as they enter adulthood, they are each there to coach, support, and encourage the other. There is something special knowing that your children are best friends and that no matter what happens they can count on each other, through highs and lows, and through thick and thin.  Fortunately, we have this picture to remember the very beginning when that bond was first formed!




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