Expired listings a new tactic...

Mortgage and Lending with Peoples Mortgage Company

Does anyone work Expired listings?  Two reasons a listing may go expired...1) Foreclosure nothing we can say about that.  2) Owners decide they can't get the price they need to move on to thier next home.  Whether that is a move up or a move down WE can help those owners.  If they were taught how they can take less cash to thier new home and maintain the payment they "thought" they were going to have in their new home isn't that worth the exercise?  With my method of Below Market Financing buyers can be shown how they can have the same house for less payment.  Notice I did not say less money or lower purchase price.  I said less payment or perhaps lower payment.  We are talking about aa much as 1/2 a point lower in interest rate.  This difference will allow buyers to maintain the same payment they had in thier mind when they set out to sell thier home in hopes of moving up or down.  At First California Mortgage we show buyers how to deal with less all of the time.  I would be glad to show you as well. You can reach me at 602 740 6678

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