Guess Who Is Coming to Atlanta REIA in January 2011? Ron LeGrand

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Ron LeGrandDid you read the blog post and email I sent to you yesterday? Did you hear the GREAT news?

Clear your calendar for Tuesday, December 21st for 7:00 PM ET, because... We're having a Webinar with the one and only RON LEGRAND!!!

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This is THE guy who has single-handedly taught an uncountable number of students how to do real estate deals so well that they became millionaires.

<!--more-->I'm one of those guys he taught, and I can personally tell you that there's NO one better qualified to share a thing or two with you than Ron.

Make sure you get on this webinar! There's only so many people we can accommodate, and the earlier you register, the better the chance you'll lock in your spot.

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One last thing... In the email I sent you yesterday, I told you about how I got started in real estate - my humble beginnings, and how I was able to turn things around so quickly. Click here if you'd like to read that story.

But just make sure that you register for that webinar on Tuesday. Trust me, if your new to real estate investing or looking to revive your real estate investing profits, you DON'T want to miss Ron!!

See you soon!


P.S. Here's that link for the webinar again - go now!: What's Hot in Real Estate Investing with Ron LeGrand

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