Warren Twp. Sends over 200 Letters to Santa Claus!

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As reported by NJ.com, for the third straight year, the Warren Township Recreation Commission was officially approved by Santa Claus to collect letters from children and send the letters directly to him at the North Pole.

As we all know, Santa is very busy this time of year and relies on local townships to get him every girl and boy’s list before Christmas Eve. While Santa’s crew of reindeer and elves is world-renowned and studied in business schools for their groundbreaking efficiency, there’s just no way for them to collect letters, make toys and deliver them all by Christmas morning.

From November 22nd to December 10th, children dropped more than 200 letters into the speciality designated “Letters to Santa” mailbox, located in front of the Warren Municipal Building. Last Friday, the elves opened the letters and had a little pizza party to celebrate.

“All the letters go directly to Santa and his crew” Warren Township’s Recreation Director, Eleanora Hermann, reports. The big man in red does the best he can to respond to respond to every child’s specific requests. Telling Santa you’ll be leaving out cookies certainly helps, though. “Santa loooooves cookies” Eleanora mentions.

Some of the letters are so wonderful and touching that they’re saved and posted to the Township Website (don’t worry – they’re still sent to Santa right after). Some of the helpers, who actually happen to live in Warren and know some of the children personally, let Santa know so he can respond with a personalized letter.

The first year the “Letters to Santa” program was instituted in Warren, there were roughly 100 responses. Each year the tally increases, so more elves are added to help open them all. So many elves showed up that some had to be turned away – but they’ll be back to help with the towns 3rd annual Yuletide Bonfire that will take place in late January.

Hermann has been collaborating with Santa for quite a while now. “I’ve been doing this 13 years in other towns, so I just brought it to Warren with me”. added Hermann.

“The parents all rave about it. We get a lot of correspondence from them thanking me and Santa, and letting us know how excited the kids are.”

Because of her close relationship with Santa Claus, Hermann also indicated that she’d like to institute a “Breakfast with Santa” program, at some point in the future. However, none of the local schools have lunch rooms. She’s thinking of perhaps doing it in conjunction with the Warren Fire Department, so that its facilities can be used.

Remember to leave your chimney open this Friday night. Maybe, if you’ve been good, you’ll get a visit from St. Nick!

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