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Updates in Mortgages in Montgomery County, Texas

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Just want to ease buyers and sellers mind!  Yes, the sub-prime lenders are being weeded out for loans that should not have been given!  There are still so many good lenders for PRIME loans here!  Loans issured now are scrutinized and sellers-be confident that your buyer, if approved, should close.  We still have a great real estate market with truly great prices compared to ALMOST other states in the West & East  coast!

Sellers, there have been quite a few foreclosures due to the loans that were given that should not have.  With an increase of these properties-you can still sell your home-as long as you price it right!  Please call a real estate agent to give you a true market anyalsis of what your home should be listed for and what to expect a contract for in your specific area and with YOUR specifcs!

In all the years I have been in real estate, I still go by a quote from my first Broker:  Every home will sell for the RIGHT PRICE.   If you and your agent have marketed your property and it still won't sell--IT IS ALWAYS PRICE-per my first broker.

If I can help, please email me at:  maryanncarlson@hotmail.com

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