With LeadNetPro, you'll never have to pay for a single lead again

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When it comes to marketing online and offline, many individuals and businesses spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to generate leads that never convert into sales.For many, this becomes an endless cycle that can literally cause their businesses to consistently produce revenue losses that they may never recover from.With LeadNetPro you can now put an end to lost revenues due to advertising that never produces results.

With LeadNetPro, you'll never have to pay for a single lead again!

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As many marketers already know, there are several software products available online that will assist your business in producing leads. However, the fact remains that many of these products do not provide accurate lead data when used. In truth, less than 50% of the data pulled by most lead generating software products is actually accurate. Less Than 50%... This can be very costly to your business! The bottom line is the current market for lead generation software will have your business contacting people who are not even related to your industry, not to mention that you still are required to use other platforms to actually conduct your marketing efforts once your leads have been generated.This is exactly why LeadNetPro was developed... To create and deliver a high quality lead generation system to businesses and marketers that has the ability to produce thousands of leads within minutes with a 99% accuracy rate... Meaning 99% of the lead data generated through our system is actually related to the industry you're targeting in your marketing efforts.With LeadNetPro, every lead generated with our system is stored in a CSV file format and is automatically cataloged within the system for you to access at anytime. This feature allows you to build several lists of targeted leads for the same industry or different industries on a daily basis, with each list being stored for future use until you delete it from the system. LeadNetPro has also taken the time to make sure every list of leads generated by our system also includes labeled headings with phone numbers and emails that have already been pre-filtered and formatted.And unlike other lead generation systems available on the market, there is no need to acquire separate platforms to actually market to your generated leads when using LeadNetProbecause we have also included state of the art marketing platforms within our system. Besides having a solid lead generating system that pulls 99% accurate data, LeadNetPro has combined a strong phone broadcasting platform and email delivery platform within our system allowing you to market to your leads instantly. Just take a few minutes and compare LeadNetPro to any other lead generation system out on the market, and you'll see why successful marketers are now choosing LeadNetPro to increase their businesses profit margins on a daily basis.
Compare LeadNetPro And See The Difference!
Features LeadNetPro ScraperProPrem GoScraper NetExtractor BoneCollector PhoneBcastClub iBuzzPro
Completely Web Based
No Desktop Install Required
Directory Extraction
Search Engine Extraction
Classified Ad Extraction
Print Mailing Labels
99% Accurate Data Extracted
Pro Filtered Data Listings
Pre-Formatted Lists
Automatic List Cataloging
Email Delivery System
Phone Broadcasting Platform
Live Call Transfer Option
Immediate Broadcast Access
Broadcast Minutes Purchased Active The Same Day
1.8 Cents Per Minute Broadcast
Access With Any Internet Connection
Functional On PC and MAC
Automatic Updates Included
Initial Costs $397.00 $497.00 $99.00 $99.00 $249.00 $549.95 $577.98
With LeadNetPro, your business will now have the most powerful lead generation software available online today!In addition to all the features mentioned above, LeadNetPro also provides some of the lowest rates in the phone broadcast industry and our email platform also allows you to personalize your email subjects and messages when applying your marketing efforts.

See Lead Net Pro DEMO In Action Below!

LeadNetPro Phone Broadcasting Benefits:
  • Import Any CSV Lead Generated List
  • Build Multiple Targeted Campaigns
  • Upload Or Record By Phone Multiple Outgoing Messages
  • The Ability To Complete Live Call Transfers
  • 1.8 Cents Per Minute Rate (.9 cents - 30 Second Message)
  • Deliver Your Message To 1,000's Within Minutes
LeadNetPro Email Platform Benefits:
  • Import Any CSV Lead Generated List
  • Personalize Subject And Message With Tag Fields
  • Set Outgoing Message Rate On Every Email Campaign
  • Emails Continue To Send Even When Logged Out Of The System
As an added bonus... when you purchase the LeadNetPro system, you automatically become affiliated with our system allowing you to resell our lead generation software while earning $300.00 commissions per sale.The Ability To Earn $300.00 Commissions Over And Over Again!With our built-in affiliate program you'll receive your own LeadNetPro resale system allowing you to earn multiple commissions over and over again through our 1UP compensation plan, and your commissions are paid directly into your account instantly.With the combination of a strong affiliate program and state of the art lead generation, LeadNetPro provides your business with one of the most powerful marketing tools ever developed with multiple platforms all located within one system.

Are You Ready To Increase Your Revenues!

Put the power of LeadNetPro behind your business today, and target your industry with the most powerful and accurate lead generation system available online!

LeadNetPro requires an initial payment of $397.00 A monthly payment of $19.95 will be required 30 days after purchase to maintain licensing and activation of software.Please Note: A separate hosting account is required to operate LeadNetPro's extraction and email software. Disclaimer: LeadNetPro.com and its software and services provided is not responsible for the actions of any end user utilizing the software and services provided. End users of the software and services provided by LeadNetPro are urged to act in an ethical, responsible and moral manner when using the provided software and services made available by LeadNetPro. The software and services provided by LeadNetPro IS NOT hacking software nor a hacking service. LeadNetPro's software and service platform parses relevant data according to keyword(s) and/or industries from public content made available online.
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Jon Quist
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Quite the interesting system.

Dec 24, 2010 08:36 AM
Richard Simpson
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