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Landlord Helps a Wayward Tenant

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I have a friend who has a home with a third floor apartment in it.  He lives in an area of my state with lots of transient business where he finds his Tenants.  There is a large military base as well as a large pharmaceutical company that brings in researchers a few months of the time.  He rents to folks with a month to month lease due to their limited time in the state while working at these businesses.

His last Tenant, who only left a few days ago, had found himself on poor times, lost his job and wasn't paying the rent.  The Tenant  had confided in my Friend about his situation and promised to find another job soon.  As much of the country, due to economic times, work is hard to come by.  So the Tenant started drinking instead.

Looking at the eviction process is daunting, especially with winter approaching.  My Friend approached it from a different angle.......REHAB.  After talking with the Tenant, who admitted that he had a drinking problem, He informed him that he would help him and find him a rehab center.  My Friend made some calls and had him picked up the very next day by a rehab center.  They even arranged to pick up all his things and move them to a storage center for the Tenant when he gets out of Rehab.

I commended my Friend on helping someone in need, and it saved him from going through the eviction process.  Luckily the Tenant was willing and able to go into treatment, which helped immensely.  Now my Friend has cleaned up the place and has a new tenant lined up already!

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Julie: It sounds like you have a wonderful caring friend the kind of person anyone would be proud to tell others about. Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays!

Dec 20, 2010 12:23 AM
Wallace S. Gibson, CPM
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Fortunately, these stories are not uncommon * whether assistance from the landlord's church or a call to social services, many landlords care for their residents like they were family and see to their needs when resources are required.

Dec 20, 2010 12:26 AM