Olmos Park San Antonio, Texas: A Bright Spot in San Antonio’s Upscale Living

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The history of Texas is known and relived through the several landmarks found within the state, as well as the many cities and suburbs that lie within the state. San Antonio offers one of the richest historical cultures to the state, with a very diverse and tumultuous histories and developments through the many years. The Spanish city of San Antonio was originally developed near the San Antonio River, as well as the San Pedro Creek, based around the San Fernando Cathedral, creating the downtown section of San Antonio, and also a flood plain. When the heavy rains came, the area would be known to flood severely, causing many neighborhoods to be developed on the outer boundaries of the city, including Olmos Park.

Known as the “city of comfort and happiness”, Olmos Park is one of the higher living class areas, that offers steep price ranges, from the upper 100,000’s to the lower millions and more. The neighborhood was one of the first communities in San Antonio to become fully automobile-dependant, after becoming a thriving business district developed by H.C. Thurman. The area quickly became a higher scale community, offering many high-end boutiques and finer dining establishments.

Located off Highway 281, Olmos Park is only miles from the downtown San Antonio area, residing as an incorporated city of the Greater city, with its own police station, public works department, and fire department as well. Some of the most popular areas include the Botanical Gardens of San Antonio, as well as the Japanese Tea Gardens and the McNay Art Museum. Olmos Park is also home to the San Antonio Zoo, as well as four main public parks that hold various events for the community, city, and state’s tourists. 

San Antonio and Texas as well, holds several highly diverse neighborhoods, from the rich and famous, to the small and reasonable, to the country ranch homes, and much more. Olmos Park is home to some of the most expensive single family homes, approximately 800 in total, with various architectural designs, featuring a mix of what Texas and San Antonio has to offer. The average house cost is about $515,000, with an average of $161 per square foot. However, homes can range anywhere from the lower $400,000 to around $950,000 for the average style and sized homes in the area, reaching the low millions for some of the larger estates and ranch homes. The neighborhood definitely portrays San Antonio’s more upscale side, with great privacy and neighbors.

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