Wondering how your Facebook Profile and Pages should work together? Read on...

Reblogger Todd Bogert
Real Estate Agent with MacWin Consulting

Nice post. The West Valley Home Team has been using Facebook for some time now and has multiple Facebook Pages. We have them for specfic neighborhoods in our area including Litchfield Park, Goodyear and Avondale. We also include tabs on our Facebook Pages for Short Sales. A couple of items I woud add are:

  • If you are an Activerain Rainmaker your Blog is a public one, you can use that RSS Feed to publish content directly to your Facebook Page. Take a look at either the Facebook App Networked Blogs or the web based applicaiton Hootsuite, both of them will take your RSS Feed content and publish it on your Facebook Page automatically.
  • Once you get 25 people to "Like" your new Facebook Page, go to and create a SEO friendly URL for your page.

Original content by Alex Chang


Should you spend your time developing a Facebook business Page (getting fans) or developing your Personal Profile (getting friends)?  

It's a question we hear from Realtors a lot, and the answer isn't "either/or."  Your Page and Profile can work together to grow your sphere & establish you as a trusted expert on local real estate; they are complementary pieces of your Facebook marketing strategy.  Below, we'll step you through a tried-and-true process:

Step 1:  Setup

Create a great Facebook “Page”

• Pick a smart page name and fill out all the relevant info (create a page here)

• Create 4-5 interesting and insightful initial wall posts first-time visitors will see

• Add a professional-looking content tab (like the free Roost Real Estate tab)

• Post polished photos & logos

• Link to your website/blog

Step 2:  Use your friends!

Get a base of fans but inviting your Facebook friends to “Like” the page for regular local market insight and updates.  To do this, from your page click the "Suggest to Friends" link in the left-hand column.  Do this a couple of times in the weeks after you've fleshed out your page.  But not too much! (The Roost Publisher will also help you get friends to fan your page.)

Step 3:  Publish good stuff

Generate ongoing, insightful content on your Page.

• Your goal is engagement with your audience.  Posts that get “Commented”, “Liked”, and “Shared” end up in more feeds, which means greater exposure (and more fans) for you.

• Maintain a regular cadence, e.g. 2 posts/day.

Step 4:  Interact, engage, and build relationships!

Interact with new people who “Like” your Page and as you get to know them.  Respond to comments and have "real" interactions about what interests them.  Bring your local and professional experience to the conversation.  When you feel a  strong enough connection, Friend them (and add them to a "prospect" friend list).

Step 5:  Rinse & repeat…

Keep at it.  As with developing any relationship, you need to work to foster a new client.  Diligently build your network and position yourself as an expert by publishing, responding reactively, and reaching out proactively, and you'll soon be counting Facebook as a valuable part of your marketing strategy.

A few additional tips:

• Be sure and use Facebook Lists to group your Friends and keep your business life and personal life separated.

• Be interesting, engaging, and entertaining!  Follow bloggers, social media super-users, and other influencers to find content your audience will be likely to love.

• Put yourself on a program.  Make it a habit.  Facebook business won't be built in a day.

Some final words of wisdom from a REALTOR who really gets it...

Heather Elias (whose Profile and Page we used as our example above) of LocoMusings fame in Virginia understands both the power of Facebook and how to tap into it as well as anyone out there.  Here's what she has to say:

"The important thing is the enhanced relationship, whether it's on your profile or on your business page. Making it a conversation and not a broadcast (and sharing content that your target audience will appreciate) is the main key to success."

See for yourself how Heather does it (and be sure and "Like" her page!).