Bargain Investment Properties for Cash Flow

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If you find yourself in the position of watching your Real Estate commissions going down or you're getting a smaller percentage of the pie, there are some exciting alternatives that will bring you higher dollars and much higher percentages.

     No matter the shape of our US economy, there will always be people who figure out how to make money using current economic conditions to their advantage.   Right now, one of those advantages is that foreclosed homes can be purchased at very low prices.

     Check out this actual scenario.   You connect with a company who is currently purchasing and selling about 35 foreclosed homes per week.   Each home purchase must meet specific criteria.   A few of those criteria are;

  1. no liens or encumbrances,
  2. no outstanding city violations,
  3. an established broker's price opinion value obtained through Core Logic,
  4. an asking price significantly below the market value (including renovations),
  5. the roof and foundation are in living condition
  6. a local contractor has provided a binding estimate of rehab cost that is less than $10,000.  
  7. The homes are offered for sale at prices between about $20,000 to $50,000 and when rent ready will rent for $450 to $650 per month.  

Interested yet?   This is an excellent cash flow opportunity.   Below is an actual opportunity available right now.

10024 Mayfair Dr St Louis, MO

These properties are ONLY in active sales and rental areas.   No run down neighborhoods or stagnant locations.   The company purchasing these properties has qualified professional contractors, property management people and real estate agents in every location to provide rehab construction, property management, or listing services.   In case the investor happens to live out of state, or just doesn't want to handle the rehab, renting details or sales effort themselves, our people will do it all.

     Sounds pretty good so far, huh?   Well, it gets better.   If you are an investor or you have investor clients, you only have to refer these clients to    You don't have to be licensed in a variety of states, nor do you involve yourself as a real estate agent.   You are simply making referrals for a fee.   You send people to the website who reference your name and we deal directly with the investor from beginning to end.    As the referral source, you just pick up the 10% (of the purchase price) referral fee when the transaction is complete.

     I don't want to make this a long post, so I'll wrap it up now and just encourage you to give me a call to learn more about this opportunity.   It's REAL!   We are closing 35 deals per week, 500 since the beginning of this year!   If you want to be even more involved, you can provide us with a domain name of your choosing, we will create a website for you virtually identical to, including your personal contact information, and you can direct investor traffic to your own site.   We set it up ($99 set up fee), auto feed the home listings each day ($50 per month subscription fee), and anyone responding to the site connects directly with you.   Once you get these leads, you refer them to us and we take it from there.   Once again, you then have only to collect your 10% (of the purchase price) referral fee.   It is that simple.

     Refer one investor who closes one transaction for $30,000 and you make $3,000.   Just one deal makes it well worth the price of admission.


Tom Robinson
Keller Williams Realty Kingstowne/Alexandria, VA Office - Fairfax, VA
Experienced Real Estate, Professional Serving No. VA and DC

Especially for people in a commission based business, a steady stream of extra income is nice. Helps you when the market is slow.

Dec 22, 2010 06:26 AM