So the "Big Lady" Sung

Real Estate Agent with Allen Tate

Wow, it takes a village to raise a child and the act of Congress to get a real estate contract validated. After weeks of consoling, fighting for the air rights (not really, but it seems as if we were) we finally got signatures on the contract from both parties.  With as many homes on the market today, one would think that if a buyer sees a refrigerator marked on the Seller's Checklist that it would be included in the home however, since the seller took the corporate buy out, the corporation states that they are not liable for what the seller initially check on the checklist as they(the corporation) did not live in the home so they cannot attest to what is there and what isn't. Unfortunately, this debacle almost cost the deal to unfold until a broke realtor stepped up to the plate and decided that it is not worth losing a deal over a refrigerator. For real people!!!! Needless to say, the buyers will receive a refrigerator at the expense of their loving, caring and tired realtor.

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