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Cape Coral Holiday Wishes

Real Estate Agent with Golf and Water Real Estate Agency

Just wanted to take out some time to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from sunny southwest Florida.

My Christmas and New Years wishes and hopes are that all of my family, friends, customers, and clients, stay safe and reconnect with their families during these times to reflect over the events of the last year and encourage each other that things are going to be better next year.

Even though it was not a booming year for most businesses, somehow we survived. My motto for this past year was "it's going to be okay", practicing and saying this daily got me through. Starting a real estate practice in an area that is one of the hardest hit in the country, was not easy. But we made it. And there are signs of growth. "Its going to be Okay" worked for everyone around me. We now have some confidence.

We have decided on next years motto "Baby Steps". We came about this to remind us that even through there are signs of growth, not to go back to our over spending over indulgence ways. After a few years of lean times, where the world economy devasted us all, this year there have been some small signs that the world's confidence is coming bacl. We believe that a slow and steady growth is like walking for the first time. Not sure if the legs will hold us, not sure if we want to incur the pain of falling, not sure how fast to go. So "Baby Steps" it is.

Whetheryou have a need for real estate in Cape Coral, Ft Myers and the Beach, and the entire Lee County area, or know someone family who is in trouble with their home, visit our website: www.capeinthesand.com, we offer veterans services, free financial resources, mortgage lending resources, and the current market listings.

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